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Five (5) Drawer Class 6 Security Safe / Filing Cabinet

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Five (5) Drawer Class 6 Security Safe / Filing Cabinet

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Five (5) Drawer Class 6 Security Safe / Filing Cabinet

Class 6 Rating



This is a U.S. Government class 6 cabinet which has been approved by GSA under Federal Specification AA-F-358H. It affords the following protection:

  • 30 man-minutes against covert entry.
  • 20 man - hours against surreptitious entry.
  • No forced entry requirement.




Container Dimensions
5 Drawer Class 6 Single Lock
505 lbs.


57 3 /4" H x 19 1/4" W x 28" D



7110-00-919-9193 , Gray    
7110-01-015-6099 , Black    
7110-01-050-6100 , Parchment    
5 Drawer Class 6 Multi Lock
585 lbs.


57 3 /4" H x 19 1/4" W x 28" D



7110-01-029-0389 , Gray    
7110-01-029-8059 , Black    

7110-01-030-8058 , Parchment



Shipping and Delivery

FREE Dock to Dock freight is included in the base price of all GSA APPROVED safes, file cabinets and containers.
Please note that a loading dock or forklift is required at the delivery location.

Lift gate delivery or curb side delivery is available for an additional charge.
Our nationwide delivery trucks are equipped with a Hydraulic lift that will lower the container to the ground.

Professional inside delivery and installation is available for all GSA Approved containers at  an additional charge. Please call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306 for a quote.

For international customers we can ship to any freight forwarder in the continental United States. Military orders can be shipped to containerization points with the proper TCN paperwork.

NEED ASSISTANCE with Delivery? Call our experts Toll Free 1-866-867-0306.


1-Year Warranty.

GSA Approved Security Containers have a full 1 year parts and labor warranty from the manufacturer.

X-09 Locks

GSA Approved safes come standard with the Kaba Mas X-09 lock for high security access control on both Class 5 and Class 6 containers.

The X-09 lock meets federal specification FF-L-2740A, making your GSA Approved Safe secure and your materials safe with high security electromechanical locks. Approved by the GSA for use on approved Class 5 and Class 6 filing cabinets and Class 5 and Class 8 Security vault doors, the X-09 lock is self-powered using PowerStar™ technology (an internal self-activating power plant), and features a limited view LCD display.

X-09 locks are not subject to mechanical limitations and are great solutions for your GSA Approved container needs. Advanced engineering assures that X-09 entry codes cannot be compromised by observing the dial position. In addition to this, the tamper-resistant X-09 can not be “hacked” because the digital information is hidden in the processor’s non-volatile memory.   

Three Modes of Operation

The X-09 lock allows the user to choose your own level of operation and security. The Single Combination Mode allows access by dialing a six-digit combination. For greater access control choose the Dual Combination Mode - this allows access only when two separate codes are entered within 10 seconds of one another. Further to this, the Supervisory/ Subordinate Mode allows access by a subordinate only after a supervisor code has been entered.

 Audit Mode Features  

The X-09 high security lock has a full compliment of auditing features. This includes nonresettable openings log, and unsuccessful attempts log (audits after 3 unsuccessful attempts) that resets once the proper access code is entered.


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