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I Lost My Keys...How do I replace them?

Lost Keys or combinations

To obtain replacement keys, you can contact the FireKing Key Department. You may also open, print, fill out and fax in a key order form for your convenience. You may do the same to register your keys.


We'll need to know the following information:

Person responsible for purchase:___________________________________
Date of purchase of file:____/_____/________

Serial Number(s): ______________________________________
(7 digits, no letters or 2 letters & 10 dig i t s ) ___________________________________

# of sets requested

Send keys to:
Physical street address:___________________________________________
(No PO boxes)
State or province:_____________________ Postal code:________________
Phone: (_______)__________________
Amount enclosed: $_________________ ($39.00 per set)
Please make check payable to Fire King International in US dollars.


I________________________________ certify that I am the current owner, sworn, deposes and says
that he/she is an adult and agrees that the key is lost or misplaced and agrees to indemnify and save
harmless FireKing against any and all actions, claims and demands whatsoever that may result directly
or indirectly from delivery by FireKing of said key number.

Customer Signature


 *Sworn to, before me and subscribed in my presence this _____ day of _________________,_________


Notary Signature
*This form does not need to be notarized if the product has been registered with Fire King.