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How do I replace my Medeco Key Lock?

High Security Lock Replacement

Remove Lock Plunger
Using a straight screwdriver remove the lock plunger located on the back edge of the drawerhead.
Lock Plunger

Expose Lock Encasement
Slide the drawerhead up to expose the lock encasement. Using a phillips screwdriver remove the screws along both sides and the top edge as shown below.

Lock Encasement Location

Raise the drawerhead 5 to 6 inches to review the lock encasement by pushing straight up on the bottom edge of the drawer front. The drawer front will slide upward along the flange of the drawer body back plate. If necessary remove the drawer from the cabinet and sit the drawer bottom flat on the floor. Push down on the drawer slides to slide the drawerhead up. If the drawerhead will not move check to see if the flange and guideway are pinched at the bottom of the drawerhead. Take a screwdriver and slightly open the guideway. See also the procedure for using the lock removal tool.

Remove the Lock Cylinder
Insert the key into the existing lock cylinder. Depress the key and turn. The lock cylinder should travel freely in and out about a half inch. On the back side of the drawerhead locate the lock cylinder plunger inside the lock encasement keyway. With a small blade straight screwdriver depress the plunger and simultaneously press on the back side of the lock cylinder until the cylinder is removed. NOTE: should the key be lost is will be necessary to depress the plunger past two stops in the lock encasement keyway to remove.

Lock Cylinder

Insert the New Lock Cylinder
Depress the plunger on the new new cylinder and insert the cylinder from the face side of the drawerhead into the lock encasement. Turn the cylinder until the plunger is aligned and seated in the lock encasement keyway.

Reinstall the Drawerhead
Slide the drawerhead over the flange of the drawerhead back plate. To keep the same drawer clearances align the screw holes in the back side of the drawerhead with the holes in the drawer body back plate and replace the phillips screws along the sides and top.

Reinstall the Lock Plunger
Using a straight screwdriver replace the lock plunger by screwing it into the back side of the lock cylinder.

Procedure for Using the Lock Removal Tool

Applies to the Fire King file cabinets only!
  1. Tools required: Lock Removal Tool and flat head screwdriver.
  2. With the top drawer open verify that the lock with key is in the unlocked position.
  3. Remove the lock adapter stud (holding screw) from the back of the lock. This can be done with either a flat head screwdriver or the end of the lock removal tool.
  4. Ensure that the lock is fully extended from the front side of the cabinet. Hold the tool with the hole facing out and the pointed end facing toward the opening in the back side of the drawerhead.
  5. Insert the tool into the opening at a 30 degree angle relative to the drawer body (see sketch below).
  6. Push the tool in, flat against the drawer body, and turn the key and remove the lock.
Lock Location