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FireKing Safe and File Lock Options

FireKing High Security Lock Options - Electronic Digital Keypad or Key Locks

Available for Letter & Legal Size, 2-Drawer, 3-Drawer & 4-Drawer

Medeco Key Locks
Secure Combination Locks
Electronic Keypad Locks
You Choose Arrangement
Protection Plus Files

Electronic Digital Lock

Medeco, Sargent and Greenleaf, Fire King Optional Locks

Fireproof Safe, Fire Safe File Cabinet, Lateral, Vertical

Secure Fireproof Storage

High Security Lock Options
You can choose from:
1. UL Listed Group 2 Combination Lock.
2. UL Listed Group 1R Manipulation-proof Combination Lock. When manipulation proof combination locks are used, special high-security locking devices will be furnished in lieu of standard drawer catches on the side of drawers in vertical files.
3. UL Listed Group 1R Self-Powered Mas-Hamilton X-09 Lock. Features three modes of operation, including dual responsibility, providing 500 billion possible combinations. All dimensions are industry standard and will retrofit Group 1 and Group 2 mechanical locks.
4. UL Listed Group 2 Electronic Lock. Features an electronic lock's master code; you can easily control who has access by adding, deleting, or changing up to eight different user codes. The file locks automatically each time the drawer with the electronic lock is closed. A six-button combination opens the lock in five seconds or less.One million possible combinations makes it virtually unpickable.

In the diagrams above the darker circles represent digital or dial combination locks where the lighter circles represent key locks. E-Locks are available for Protection Plus Files.

Note that theFireproof Safe-in-a-File models may have key or e-lock options installed in regular drawers, but outer safe door is key locked only and safe-in-a-file inner safe door is dial combination lock only.Locking options are available on all FireKing Vertical Files, FireKing Lateral Filing Cabinets and Fireproof Card, Check and Note Cabinets