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General Information in this section includes troubleshooting directions, component replacement, adjustments, and parts lists for FireKing file cabinets.


My Key lock Will Not Stay In

  • Loose material in the black encasement:
    1. Open lock drawer and look inside the backside of the encasement for any loose material.
    2. Ensure the keylock moves freely in the encasement.
  • Drawer(s) do not close properly:
    1. Make sure all drawers are closed and that there is not anything in the drawerhead track or behind the drawer body.
    2. Make sure the drawer(s) are in the right opening. Each drawer is numbered on the right hand side with the lock drawer being #1.
  • Side catch(es) not adjusted properly:
    Close all of the drawers and holding keylock in the locked position, try to open all of the drawers. There should be some movement in each side catch.
  • Keylock stud loose (Medico keylocks):
    Check the lock stud on the back of the keylock. If the stud is loose, tighten with a flat screwdriver.
  • Roll pin hanging on eccentric (HG Series keylocks):
    Tap roll pin in so that it clears the eccentric but still catches on the drawer head; line so that the key lock will not pull through the head.

My Key Goes In, But 1 or More Drawers Will Not Open

  • Loose or missing lock rod pins:
    1. Check the lock pins for each drawer located on the lock rod on the right hand side of the cabinet and tighten pins with a flat screwdriver.
    2. Make sure the lock pin in the eccentric is in place and securely fastened to the lock bar.
  • Side catch flipper hanging on the lock bypass dimple:
    Make sure the lock bypass is deactivated. Identify the lock/unlock position with operating sticker located directly behind the side catch.
  • Overfilling drawers:
    Over filling of drawers can cause the drawers to bulge and the side catch to rub against the side of the cabinet and hang in the up or bypass position.

Closing Drawers with the Keylock Pushed In, Side Catch Flipper Raises Above the Bypass Dimple

  • Side catch is set too low:
    Follow the side catch adjustment procedure to adjust the side catch up.

My File Cabinet Will Not Unlock

  • Side catches are set too low:
    1. Firmly grasp the handle of the top drawer and depress thumb latch. Jerk drawer until it opens.
    2. Follow the side catch adjustment procedure to adjust the side catch up.
  • Lock rod binding; keylock moves in and out freely but cabinet will not unlock:
    File will need to be opened following drill point instructions.
  • Keylock will not move in the black encasement:
    1. Drill. Remove lock stuck from the back of the keylock. Remove the screws from around the head liner and remove head from the drawer body. Turn key to the unlocked position and using a screwdriver hold the key plunger in and remove the key.
    2. Look for loose material in the encasement or place where keylock was binding.
    3. Lubricate the encasement and replace the keylock. Ensure that the keylock works properly before the head is attached to the drawer body.
  • Keylock will not spring out but the cabinet will open if the keylock is pulled out:
    1. Lubricate keylock with WD-40.
    2. Check the encasement for loose material.
    3. Check lock rod and eccentric assembly for proper movement.

The Drawer Drops When Pulled Out

  • Side channel loose:
    Remove drawer and suspensions. Locate the rear notch and drill two holes using a #30 bit and install pop rivets.
  • Suspensions not properly set:
    Remove suspension and spread the rear of the suspension to make sure the bearings of the suspension stay under the top lip of the side channel.
  • Side channel bent:
    Remove drawer and suspension, using a crescent wrench, bend the top rear of both side channels down so that they are at a 90° angle or less.
  • Broken rail on drawer body:
    1. Open the drawer and check side rails on each side of the drawer body. If broken contact the factory for replacement parts.
    2. Drill through the side rail and drawer body using a #20 bit and install a 10-24-.25 bolt and kep nut.
  • Broken bearing on suspension:
    Check suspension bearings for flat or broken edges. Contact the factory for parts.