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Drawer Installation and Removal (File Cabinets)

Drawer Removal & Installation

 Moving Fireking file cabinets into position may be facilitated by removing the drawers.

 CAUTION!  FireKing file cabinets and drawers are heavy!  For safety and ease of handling, always observe the following precatutions:

 1.  Always use proper moving equipment and padding when moving FireKing file cabinets.

2.  Two or more persons are required when handling the drawers.

3.  When drawers are installed, be sure the back fingers on the suspension are over the channel track lips.

To Remove Lateral Drawers

 1.  Extend drawer fully out.

2.  Remove the two (2) No. 8 stabilizer screws from inside the drawer body. (Fig. 1)

3.  Note that each drawer has a drawer number decal on the right side of the drawer.  (Fig. 2)  Drawers are numbered from top to bottom and each must be replaced in the same cavity from which it was removed.

4.  Place index fingers and thumbs on drawer catches (Fig. 3) and release by pulling up on catches.

5.  Holding drawer head with both hands, pull drawer out of cavity

     Caution: drawers are very heavy.

6.  Push suspensions and stabilizers back into the drawers.


To Install Lateral Drawers

1.  Pull suspensions and stabilizers out until they are fully extended.

2.  Using two or more persons to lift drawer, insert drawer tracks on top of suspension.

3.  Slide the top of the suspension into drawer track until the drawer catches engage.  Drawer should now be secured to suspension.  NOTE: Be sure drawer track is engaged under rear fingers of both suspensions.  (Fig. 4)

4.  Align stabilizer holes with holes in bottom of drawer body (Fig. 5) and install two (2) No. 8 stabilizer screws.  Tighten securely.  NOTE: Some adjustment to drawer position may be needed for proper installation, see next step.

5.  Close drawer and check for free movement and equal gap on both sides of drawer.  If necessary, lightly loosen stabilizer screws and move drawer in direction of excessive gap.  Tighten screws and recheck gap.


FireKing Classics

 25”/31” Vertical Files and check card and note files


To Remove

1.  Extend drawer fully.

2.  Lift up on front of drawer until the stops on the bottom of the drawer clears suspension and pull drawer forward.


To Install

1.  Place rear of drawer side rails onto the front suspension bearings.

2.  Holding drawer level, push drawer in until the slide rail is in between the two sets of the center bearings

 NOTE: It may be necessary to fully extend drawer before it rolls correctly on suspension

 All Turtle, Meilink, International 2-Hour Vertical and 3122 Lateral Files

(Slide Suspension)


To Remove

1.  Grasp front of drawer on each side and lift to release front tabs of slides from drawer.

2.  Place on ehand underneath the drawer for support and pull one slide forward to release the rear tab, repeat for the other slide.

3.  Pull drawer clear of slides.


To Install

1.  Fully extend slides.

2.  Place drawer into opening in between slides and align rear tab of slide with the appropriate notch and insert.

3.  Pull drawer forward until front tabs are aligned, insert front tabs.


 To remove a file from the pallet

 Remove rubber stops from the front and sides of the pallet.  Spin the cabinet to set sideways across the pallet.  Slide the cabinet so that the back of the cabinet will tilt and rest on the floor.  Push back on the front of the cabinet to raise the front of the bottom of the pallet.  Slide pallet out of the way and set cabinet on the floor.